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Prospectus for Independent Scotland

During the 2014 referendum campaign no clear picture was provided of what the people of Scotland were being asked to vote for.

The current system of governance across the UK has been referred to as an "Elective Dictatorship", essentially an outdated system of governance that operates with little accountability to the electorate who are required to pay for it.

Essentially the relationship between the people and the government across the UK bears little to do with democracy. The system, is essentially controlled by political parties, with each main party representing a minority group within the electorate.

Political party elites select the majority of the candidates we are required to vote for and these candidates primarily "canvas" on the manifesto promises set out by the party organisations. Many elected representatives see their political career prospects as dependent on accountability to party bosses rather than being accountable to the electorate who pay their wages.

Is this convoluted form of democracy what we want in a Modern Democratic Independent Scotland? I don't think so!

See the attachment that outlines an achievable Democratic Independent Scotland.