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Prospectus for Independent Scotland

During the 2014 referendum campaign no clear picture was provided of what Independence would mean for the general public.

Scotland is rich in natural resources and per capita would endow our citizens with the means to enjoy a quality of life far in excess of that facing them if they stick with an overpopulated UK, which will continue to slide downhill.

Rather than follow the path of generating wealth for the elites through the financial markets Scotland should harness its natural resources to underpin: 1) Energy Security, 2) Food Security, 3) Housing Security, and 4) Job Security. All other components of a well balanced caring society flow from that.

Political party elites select the majority of the candidates we are required to vote for and these candidates primarily "canvas" on the manifesto promises set out by the party organisations. Many elected representatives see their political career prospects as dependent on accountability to party bosses rather than being accountable to the electorate who pay their wages.

Is it not time that a cross section of each constituency provide the manifesto for their elected Members of (the Scottish) Parliament. A manifesto to provide guidance on what we require them to work towards in order to provide a sustainable quality future for our children and their children 

The attached Propectus provides a picture of Independent Scotland, outlining what would need to phappen and also what we could achieve as a modern self-governing nation like the Scandanavian countries, Denmark and other similar sized (by population) self-governing countries.    


Download this file (2019.04.24.Prospectus..pdf)2019.04.24.Prospectus..pdf[ ]1381 kB