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A Public Consultation about a Written Constitution

  1. “Do we want a democracy that gives the power of an absolute monarch to one party, or a government which is proportionally representative and can work responsively and responsibly to deal with the issues facing the country?”

Regardless of political persuasion, EVERYONE, who would seek to live in a more equitable and democratic society, is invited to collectively collaborate in a project to have your say and vote securely on the content of a draft written Constitution. 

Such a project has now been initiated by a non-party-aligned charity titled "Constitution for Scotland". The charity has been designed to enable YOU to have your say as to how YOU want a future Scotland be governed. Their Web and Facebook sites tell you all about getting involved and having your say in the project. Their website can be found at: https://constitutionforscotland.scot/

Following the interactive public consultation it is proposed that the results would be put to a National Convention then promoted for legislation at Holyrood.