ATCOR Principle to Fund Government Spending

The ATCOR principle - All Taxes Come Out of Land Rent.

The current systems of taxation are regressive and penalise those who work and create wealth through their own labour and endeavors. It is time to consider alternative methods that reward not stifle work output. Many countries, in Europe and elsewhere, have switched to alternatives such as Land Value Rating, Flat Tax and other systems of funding government services. It is timely for Scotland to re-evaluate and join the 21st century. 

Replacing Council Tax, Business Rates and progressively replacing Income Tax, VAT and Capital Gains Tax with Site Valuation Rating (Annual Ground Rent) is Scotland's best chance of escaping from the boom/bust property cycle and into a full employment economy.Blogger

The way to raise revenue without distorting incentives to work, save and invest is to fund public services out of land rents. these reflect the value of services provided by nature and by society. See attachment two.


In a speech in Edinburgh on July 17, 1909, Winston Churchill offered the following observations about taxation and the unique qualities of rent as the source of funds to pay for public services: See attachment three