When Scotland becomes a self-governing state it will in real terms become a new sovereign state. 

Every state requires a Constitution as a framework for the institutions of state and to set out the rights of and to protect the people. It is essential that the people participate in the formulation of the Constitution otherwise the politicians will write what is beneficial to them and there will be a continuation of the current lack of democratic accountability.

The political structure in Scotland is too centralised, with the general public, in the main, having little or no say in the running of their country.

Within Scotland, the current two tier system - Holyrood and local authorities, does not appear to provide any sense of ownership to the general public. Often, the average citizen does not even know who their local representatives are.

Every other nation in Europe and Scandinavia operates with either three or four levels of government including a fully resourced decision-making local community level of government. Scotland stands alone without effective community level government. See the report "The Silent Crisis" issued by the Reid Foundation in 2012

The following draft Constitution includes a proposal for a three level system of government in line with the European norm. National, Regional and at Community level. With decision-making at the most effective point of use level, enabling a sense of ownership for the general public.                                                                           See attachment "Guide to a Provisional Constitution" 

People, Money and Government - how are they linked and to what effect?                                                            See attachment "Presentation - Constitutional Links"