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Land Reform

Some 430 individuals own over 50% of Scotland and form the core of a monopoly that denies the people of Scotland the use of much of their own country.

How can anyone morally claim to own land or water when they had no part in the creation or manufacture of that which was freely provided by nature? All land and water should be available to those who have need for it provided that they pay society a fair rent for the use of the land and water. 

The new First Minister has promised to legislate for radical Land Reform. The monopoly controlled by the few has resulted in a scarcity of land on which to build sufficient affordable homes to house our people adequately. It is time for meaningfull change to ensure that all Scots can have an affordable home. 

Denmark has seen the most effective change from feudalism to a modern state where the people enjoy a high quality lifestyle in modern homes. A primary reason for this is the use of land rent to pay for the public services enjoyed by the Danes.

The following video tells the story of how they changed from being a poor state to the European state with the happiest people in Europe.


ANNUAL GROUND RENT is a viable alternative means of funding both national and local government. See attachment FAQ

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