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Currency and the Money System

When Scotland becomes Independent we will have a unique opportunity to convert to our own Currency.This will also be an opportunity for the Government to take back control of the Money System from the private banks and thus eliminate future National Debt.

The Campaign for A Scottish Currency: www.scottishmonetaryreform.com

See video: Campaign for a Scottish Currency. Presentation –



Q. How will a new Scots Currency work?

A. The same way as other countries with their own currency!

See attached article: Operating and Pegging Currency


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Annual Ground Rent (AGR) - Simple and Fair

The Value of land is a combination of the natural resources provided free by nature and the value of services generated by society - its Public Value.

This "Public Value" has been diverted and retained by landowners for their own benefit. This "Public Value" has a rental value and it is proposed that a revenue system termed "Annual Ground Rent" be applied to regain a portion of the "Public Value" to share with society in general.

Contact: www.slrg.scot

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